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Most of these micrographs demonstrate the principle of double refraction or birefringence, many complex organic materials and minerals exhibit this property and it is a technique widely used in petrology. The EproM is a micrograph of the circuitry on , an Eraseable-PRogammable Memory 'chip'
Myristic acid 1Myristic acid 2Myristic acid 3Glutamic AcidMyristic Acid 2Myristic Acid 4Sodium ThiosulphatePb Citrate&K DichromateMyristic acid 5Myristic acid 6Ascorbic AcidMyristic Acid 7EProM memory chipAscorbic Acid 2Myristic acid 8Additive screen, actually a computer monitor rendered with hyperbolic tiling just for fun.

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