Robin Somes(non-registered)
Good to see classically tasteful and effective photography so clearly presented, without gimmicks. The world is awash with people who take photographs, but few of them are photographers, and few truly know their subject. Also, no HDR :)
Gita Garg(non-registered)
So beautiful Tim! You've blown my mind. Thank you for sharing!!! Looking forward to viewing more, when you've taken some more!!! No pressure then!!
Sally-Ann Conner(non-registered)
Hello Tim,
Looking through these beautiful photos really fills me with such warmth. You have perfectly captured the jovial mood, the carefree sheer, well joy is the word I keep coming back to! The excitement and delight we all shared that day is palpable within your images. The abundace of our romantic and familial love is represented not only in the classic requested keepsakes, but in the clever 'casual shots. 'Casual' to the untrained eye ofcourse, but your skill as a Wedding Photographer and as an artist is well represented in your ability to see 'that' perfect moment.
Thank you SO much Tim for everything you did for us that day. Much love xxx
John Scamell(non-registered)
Fantastic photos you covered lots of different versions well done
Roger Grier(non-registered)
Now that is what photography is all about. A very wide range of subjects. Something to interest everyone.

The aerial shots are top notch. Taken at a very good time of year. Trees in full leaf, and the lighting could not have been better.
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